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Dental Office Decor blog title

4 Healthy and Joyful Dental Office Decorating Ideas

These dental office decorating ideas are backed by research that shows how they can support the success of your practice. Yet, most of your competition are not implementing them!

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Blockchain Simple Explanation blog title

Blockchain: Simple Explanation for the Non-techy Bank Manager

You know blockchain has been in digital banking news for some time, but you aren’t clear on what it is? We provide a blockchain simple explanation, and explain the pros and cons for small, local banks.

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Business Networking Chicago and Beyond blog

Strategic Business Networking in Chicago and Beyond

Business networking in Chicago is abundant, and a very strategic play for local organizations looking to grow. Here we guide you (even if you live elsewhere) on the various types of networking groups, and how to find what’s right for you.

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Preserve the Life of Your Office Carpet blog

Preserve the Life of your Office Carpet, and your Health

Did you know that your office carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat?! Other than the obvious problems this causes, it also wastes money by reducing the life and look of your carpet.

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Benefits of Green Cleaning blog title

Why Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products in Your Office?

The benefits of green cleaning for your office are healthier employees with less sick days, a more socially responsible culture, and maybe even Green Building/LEED incentives.

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Salt Damage blog with snow prints

Winter Mess: How to Avoid Indoor Salt Damage at the Office

Does your office have damage from tracking in salt in the winter? Do you have an overall salt mess? We offer tips to avoid salt damage, and salt alternatives for the office.

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How to Do a Bank Rec: Accounting Basics for Small Business Owners

Knowing how to do a bank rec is part of accounting basics for small businesses. Whether you have a bookkeeper, or someone assigned to this internally, we walk you through how and why to do regular bank reconciliation.

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Computer Keyboard Germs

Crazy Facts About Germs in the Workplace (and Absenteeism)

Bacteria on bathroom door handles, computer keyboard germs… learning how to keep germs from spreading is one of the most powerful solutions to absenteeism in the workplace.

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Professional Office Clutter

Should you clean up before the cleaning service arrives?

Feeling ashamed of how dirty your office is? Not sure what to do with clutter before the cleaning service arrives? Don’t worry… here’s how it all works…

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